The 2019-2020 Own It Team

We are a group of passionate, motivated, and hard working women who love doing what we do. We are business women, scientists, artists, writers, and leaders. We stand together as Santa Clara's Own It Summit and are proud to represent women of all backgrounds everywhere 

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Laura Pearl


"Dog enthusiast, part-time clown, flosses regularly"

Andrea Feltz


“Just your average yogi searching for the next slice of pizza”

Tess Ryan

Director of Finance

"Either found rocking a pant-suit or a groutfit. No in between."

Annie Chambers

Director of Media and Design

"Ask me about chicken reproductive habits"

Emi Bellwood

Director of Sponsorship

"My last meal on earth would be a burrito, no questions asked"

Ella Cooper

Director of Public Relations

"loves turtles & hash browns"

Sibel Fite 

Director of Speakers

"Functioning chocoholic"

Keala Johnson

Director of Logistics

"Better known as koala"

Isabel Reeve

Director of Marketing

"Nashvillian desperately searching for pugs"

Victoria Russo

Director of Graphic Design

"Can meow exactly like a cat"

Alexa Wolfson

Director of Administration

"Lives off chicken tenders"

Maddie Ambelang 

Assistant Director of Finance

“SoulCycle and Chipotle are the most important things in my life” 

Hayley Buchanan

Assistant Director of Speakers

"I'm a little stitious”

Hilary Chung

Assistant Director of Administration

“The only one with glasses”

Lindsay McConville

Assistant Director of Sponsorship

"Serial chips and salsa eater"

Mackenzie Kinsella 

Assistant Director of  Marketing

“Professional homebody” 

Tanvi Yeccaluri

Assistant Director of Public Relations

“Will eat chic-fil-a for the rest of my life”

Maya Kuchan

Assistant Director of Logistics

"Obsessed with baby yoda"

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Tel: 651-252-7554

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